The Fresh Start Alumni Association has but one primary purpose: to help alcoholics, addicts, and their families. We do this by providing social, educational, and recreational activities. Fresh Start Alumni is dedicated to the advancement, promotion and strengthening of the recovery process for all Our members. 


The Fresh Start Alumni Association is a Fellowship of recovering alcoholics, addicts, and their families who share their experience, strength, and hope, in order to solve their common problems. We believe alcoholism and drug addiction is a family illness, and that changed attitudes can aid recovery.


The Fresh Start Alumni Association is not allied with any sect, denomination, or political entity; does not engage in any controversy, neither endorses opposes any cause.


Fresh Start Alumni Association is a non-prophet group who is dedicated to the achievement, promotion and strengthening of the recovery process for all of its members. We provide social, educational and recreational activities.


FSAA has over 2000 alumni with over 400 active members. 

Our members sponsor and participate in the following activities and events: 


  • We work and sponsor inmates at San Quentin State penitentiary who are in the recovery process from alcohol or drug addiction. 


  • We provide housing funding assistance for other members who may not be able to pay their mortgage or rent due to their recovery. 


  • We provide scholarship funds to assist the recovering addict who is unable to pay for their recovery program following graduation from the 28-day program. 


  • We sponsor events for Our members to encourage participation, recovery and support. This includes a Crab Feed, Summer Picnic, Halloween Bingo Bash, Thanksgiving Dinner and Holiday Party.



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