Zoom in June

Come Zoom with us this Tuesday, June 16 at 7:30 PM for this month’s Fresh Start Alumni Association monthly alumni meeting.

Last month we resumed the monthly alumni meeting online and it was a great success. We received a ton positive responses. It wasn’t the same as meeting in person but it was great to see and hear everyone once again.

We still don’t know when we be able to resume in-person meetings but progress is being made as the country, state, and county are beginning the process of reopening. Many local twelve-step meetings are resuming in a scaled back form. Attendance is required to be limited and attendees must be spaced apart. We feel like this isn’t a good option for FSAA gatherings where the purpose is to bring all of us together; not just a few. Until that is possible, we plan to continue meeting virtually.

This month we are going to focus on recovery birthdays again. Everyone who has passed a clean and sober milestone in the last month will get some time to share their experience, strength, and hope. Of course, anyone who missed last month’s meeting is welcome to participate, too. And, all those attending the Zoom meeting are eligible to receive their chip by mail!

FSAA meetings and events are always open to family and friends, and online meetings are no different. The online meetings are a great opportunity for out-of-town family to participate who ordinarily wouldn’t be able to attend. Please, invite your friends and family to join us, celebrate recovery, and learn about some of the for-family meetings that the FSAA sponsors. Addiction is family disease so family members can even get their own family chips at FSAA meetings.

Please help spread the word about these online FSAA meetings. Despite our best efforts, many alumni are still unaware they are taking place. We need everyone’s help reaching out. Sending a quick message to a fellow alumni can help us all stay united. This can be difficult and lonely time for many. Connection helps us all stay clean and sober.

To get the Zoom app for your smart phone, tablet, or computer visit the Download Center on the Zoom website or search for the app called “Zoom Cloud Meetings” in the app store on your device.

Please email us at recovery@freshstartalumni.org to get the Zoom Meeting ID and password or a link to join the meeting. The meeting officially starts at 7:30 PM but the room will be available to join at 7:15 PM.

We hope to see you there!


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