Zoom to the FSAA Alumni Meeting

Join us this Tuesday, May 19 at 7:30 PM for the return of the Fresh Start Alumni Association’s monthly alumni meeting, Zoom style!

It’s been nearly 3 months since we last held the monthly FSAA alumni meeting and, unfortunately, at this point, there’s no way to know when we’ll be able to be together again. It could be weeks or it could be months. But, eventually, we will! In the meantime we have the internet.

This Tuesday, we’re going to hold the meeting through Zoom. Obviously, It’s not going to be the same. There won’t be a raffle, there won’t be cake, and there won’t be hugs. But, we can still see each other’s faces, hear each other’s voices, and celebrate recovery — apart but together.

This month it’s going to be all about birthdays! There won’t be a featured speaker, instead we want to hear from all those celebrating recovery birthdays. Everyone who has passed a clean and sober milestone since the last alumni meeting in February will get some time to share their experience, strength, and hope.

But, celebrating a recovery birthday wouldn’t be the same without getting a chip. Having that shiny coin in your pocket is a great tangible reminder of the work you’ve done and the progress you’ve made in recovery — one day at a time. But, you can’t download one so we’re going to mail them!

Anyone attending the Zoom meeting this Tuesday is eligible to receive their chip by mail. And, since the FSAA gives out coins for each month of the first year of recovery, we’ll also send you any chip you weren’t able to collect in March and April. For example, if you’re getting your 7 month, we’ll also send along your 6 month and 5 month. Collect them all! We’ll provide info on Tuesday on how to get us your address.

To get the Zoom app for your smart phone, tablet, or computer visit the Download Center on the Zoom website or search for the app called “Zoom Cloud Meetings” in the app store on your device.

Please email us at recovery@freshstartalumni.org to get the Zoom Meeting ID and password or a link to join the meeting. The meeting officially starts at 7:30 PM but the room will be available to join at 7:15 PM.

We hope to see you there!


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