Announcing the Fresh Start Alumni Association's KeepCare!

KeepCare is a new experimental, peer-led process group sponsored by the Fresh Start Alumni Association.

KeepCare is a continuing aftercare program for addicts and alcoholics with longer-term sobriety and clean time. Alcohol and drug rehabilitation center aftercare programs are typically for patients in their first year of sustained recovery. KeepCare has no limit on length in recovery.

While 12-step programs provide support for addicts and alcoholics in perpetuity, the format of their meetings tend to discourage open conversations, or "crosstalk", and the general solicitation and offering of advice. This is by design and not a flaw of 12-step programs. KeepCare is not intended to be an alternative to 12-step programs, but instead a supplemental group.

We believe that many addicts and alcoholics with more than a year in recovery may benefit from an aftercare-like process group. Life may get better in recovery but it will never be easy. There will always be challenges. The process group format may be better suited to help in areas outside of the scope of 12-step programs, "outside issues."

Unlike aftercare programs, FSAA's KeepCare will not be led by a professional counsellor, though counsellors can be available in special circumstances. KeepCare will be led by members of the group as decided on by the group. KeepCare will rely upon the wisdom of the group and the experience of members seasoned in long-term recovery.

KeepCare is welcome to all addicts and alcoholics. Meetings will be every Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at the John Muir Behavioral Health building at 4080 Port Chicago Highway in Concord. The first meeting will be held on November 2.

We hope to see you there!

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