July Alumni Meeting & Elections

Come join your CFR family at the monthly alumni meeting held at the John Muir Health facility on Port Chicago Highway on the third Tuesday of every month from 7:30-8:30pm. This month's meeting is July 16 at 7:30pm. Join us for fellowship, birthday chips and cake!

It's election time! This month's meeting will feature the annual election of new members of the Fresh Start Alumni Association board. We hope you can come nominate and vote for your fellow FSAA alumni members. We are voting on the following elected positions:

  • President

  • Vice-President

  • Secretary

  • Treasurer

In addition to the elected positions, the Fresh Start Alumni Association still needs new volunteers for several important positions. It's a great way to give back to CFR and be of service to your fellow alumni. And, it's fun! Come to this month's alumni meeting or reply to this email to volunteer. And, if you know someone that might be a good fit (ahem, sponsors), please let them know. Here are the positions that need to be filled:

  • Newsletter Editor

  • Website Administrator

  • CFR Staff Liaison

  • Donation Procurer

Your fellow alumni need you help!

For a full description of the requirements and responsibilities of both the elected and non-elected positions, please go to the description of office duties page on our website.

See you Tuesday. 😀 🎂 🎉 ✅


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