November 2, 2019

KeepCare is a new experimental, peer-led process group sponsored by the Fresh Start Alumni Association.


KeepCare is a continuing aftercare program for addicts and alcoholics with longer-term sobriety and clean time. Alcohol and drug rehabilitation center aftercare programs are typically for patients in their first year of sustained recovery. KeepCare has no limit on length in recovery.


While 12-step programs provide support for addicts and alcoholics in perpetuity, the format of their meetings tend to discourage open conversations, or "crosstalk", and the general solicitation and offering of advice. This is by design and not a flaw of 12-step programs. KeepCare is not intended to be an alternative to 12-step programs, but instead a supplemental group.


We believe that many addicts and alcoholics with more than a year in recovery may benefit from an aftercare-like process group. Life may get better in recovery but it will never be easy. There will always...

October 4, 2017

My name is Eric, and I’m an Alcoholic. I’m also – a son, a brother, an uncle, a boyfriend, a friend to so many I could almost lose count.
I first came to CFR a little more than a year ago. My journey of how I got here is long and painful. Maybe I’ll share it with you one day, but for now I’ll just say, my life was unmanageable.
Everyone and everything I came into contact with crumbled. I had so much pain and so much fear. My life was in a constant state of damage control, and I was suffering an unbearable existence. I needed help. I wasn’t very good at asking for help – It wasn’t something I received at home – It wasn’t a value that was transmitted to me so I never felt natural asking for help.
I always thought that help was given to some poor fool, floundering about in the ocean. Then someone throws him a LIFE PRESERVER and pulls him in. He’s cold and scared and eternally grateful (another thing I had a problem with.) Being plucked from the abyss only to land onto the deck of sa...

July 2, 2017

    I had a great childhood - devoted parents,nice community, all of what I needed and mostof what I wanted. However, I was not a "normal"child. I'm one of the members they talk aboutwith a "grave emotional and mental disorders" -although I think that's quite a morbid way ofviewing it - and it's called OCD. I can rememberbeing 4 or 5 and walking down the stairs withmy hand on the railing and getting all the waydown only to feel like it wasn't done "right", so Iwould go up and down maybe 10-15 more timesto make sure it was done "correctly".

    Being so young, I didn't know what was goingon, so I kept it a secret from my family for along time, 15 years. But I'll back up a bit. Thefirst time I drank when I was 14, I drank alcoholically.I blacked out, threw up, passed out,and couldn't wait to do it again. While I stillperformed OCD rituals, I found that alcohol andother drugs gave me that "just right" feelingthat I had been searching for all along. Allthroughout high school I was...

August 1, 2016

When I recovered consciousness I wasn’t able to move. I was upside down and the steering wheel of the Triumph TR 6 had my arm pinned to the broken glass of the windshield. “Two Trains Running” by the Blues Project dolefully slowed to a halt as the tape jammed in the cassette player. I had just driven off a 40-foot cliff and landed next to the Colorado River. My best friend, the owner of the car, had escaped major injuries and was able to get out the crumpled passenger door. He was trying desperately to lift the car off me as the gas leaked all around, but to no avail. He asked if I was ok and said he was going to climb the cliff to get help. I waited for the fire to start. It didn’t and help was there 45 minutes later.

Late the night before we had decided to meet the “ladies” at the Blue Water Resort near Parker Arizona to water ski. We drank beer, popped “bennies” (Benzedrine) and smoked pot through the night as we drove through the dessert. At dawn Rick asked me to drive the last coup...

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